Earn loyalty through security

Provide a full suite of tools and services to safeguard your users.

Identify suspicious activity

We scan millions of sites, servers and chat rooms on the dark web. Users get notified for fraudulent website access, illicit use of SSN and unauthorized address changes. Give consumers the awareness to take immediate action.


Take preventative action

Empower users to be proactive by locking or freezing their credit. They can rest assured that no authorized inquiries or accounts can occur. But they'll have the flexiblity to unlock their credit at any time, with a click of a button.

Resolve with confidence

Help consumers avoid loss and get back to normal if their identity is compromised. Offer $1mm in identity theft insurance, lost wallet services and concierge ID restoration support. Give peace-of-mind under any situation.


Keep your users secure

Protect and build deeper bonds.

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    100% FCRA compliant